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Michigan Boat/Watercraft insurance coverage

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Boat/Watercraft Insurance in Michigan

Find a Boat and Watercraft Policy to Protect Your Investment

Michigan lakes are known for their pristine beauty. That’s why so many invest in boats to spend time out on the water. They and the people who use them need to be protected in several different situations. The insurance policies that cover boats are a little different than the ones for automobiles. At Dalessandro Agency Inc. in the Kentwood, MI area, we work with Michigan boaters to get them the coverage that will protect both the boat and everyone who uses it. Our agents will spend time explaining the range of available options so that you are protected financially.

Many believe that their homeowner’s insurance policy automatically protects their boat. For small boats, this can be an option, but generally, most ships don’t fall into this category. Your agent will be able to discuss the types of coverage you need based on the size of the boat and how it is used. For yachts and large ships destined for international waters, specific coverage is necessary to protect you and the boat itself.

Boat and watercraft insurance policies include liability protection and cover any physical damage. The liability coverage protects you should anyone be injured while on the boat. The policy should also cover any mechanical equipment or physical damage that is sustained whether the boat is out in the water or docked. It should even address issues such as vandalism. While you may only use your boat for a few months of the year, your agent may recommend that you maintain the coverage all year long. The policies that we recommend may also give you options that cover accidents with uninsured boaters. Another option is for a policy that includes all of the personal possessions on the boat.

In the Kentwood, MI area, our team of agents at the Dalessandro Agency Inc. are ready to help you get the boat/watercraft insurance you need. Call or come by our offices to discuss the number of options that you have.


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