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For many Michigan families, an RV represents weekends spent at the lake or time together on the open road. RVs, though, are significant investments that you want to protect. Just like an automobile, you are required to carry liability insurance on an RV. Unlike an automobile, RVs need additional coverage because they are not merely a vehicle; they are also a temporary residence. In the Kentwood, MI area, the agents at the Dalessandro Agency Inc. work with RV owners to understand their coverage options. Their primary goal is to let RV owners enjoy their time with their families and not worry about the potentially devasting effects of an accident when away from home.

Minimum liability coverage does not provide you with any real financial protection following an accident. This is true of vehicles and RVs. A more comprehensive policy will provide coverage for an accident, but it will also provide protection if there is a theft or vandalism. We also cover a range of potential risks such as weather damage and more extraordinary events like falling objects or damage from an animal. Your agent will discuss the number of options that are available for RVs. What you will have is peace of mind knowing that you are protected.

As people use their RVs in several ways, your agents will talk with you and recommend the best coverage for your lifestyle. You should consider policies that will also cover your personal possessions inside the RV. This includes sporting equipment, clothing, and electronics. It should also cover the RV's exterior equipment such as awnings or satellite dishes. Uninsured/underinsured motorists’ coverage is also a good idea. If you use the RV once or twice a year, let the agent know. There may be additional discounts available.

At the Dalessandro Agency Inc. in the Kentwood, MI area, our agents want you to enjoy your free time safely and without worry. Call or come by to learn more about your RV insurance options.


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