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Michigan Motorcycle insurance coverage

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Motorcycle Insurance in Michigan

Do You Have Adequate Motorcycle Insurance?

Michigan is a beautiful place to enjoy riding your motorcycle. A weekend ride to the upper peninsula is a favorite route and offers spectacular scenery. When you own a bike, you need to consider how to protect yourself and your bike from all the hazards that are out there on the open road and other places as well. There are many benefits to having a motorcycle insurance policy. In Kentwood, MI, Dalessandro Agency Inc. has a top-notch team that can keep you up to date on the latest changes to the motorcycle laws in Michigan.

The laws in Michigan require that all vehicles carry liability insurance, including motorcycles. There are significant penalties if you don't carry at least the minimum insurance required by law. Michigan requires motorcycle drivers to carry no-fault insurance. This coverage has three parts, personal injury protection, property protection, and bodily injury and property damage liability. In addition, if you chose to ride without a helmet, you must carry at least $20,000 in medical benefits. While liability is the only type of insurance that is required, it is not the single insurance suggested that you can choose to carry.

In the event you have a loan on your bike, it is likely your lender will make you carry collision and comprehensive insurance. These coverages protect your motorcycle itself and can pay to repair or replace your bike should it be damaged or destroyed. When the requirement to have this coverage goes away, you may be tempted to let the coverage lapse to save money. This is only a good idea if your motorcycle has little or no value or if you have a lot of money and can easily afford to repair or replace it.

While both collision and comprehensive cover the motorcycle itself, they are not the same. Collision covers the bike in the event of a crash with another vehicle. Comprehensive covers theft, deer, fire, vandalism, and weather events like hail and high winds.

Before you take to the open roads, schedule a visit with the Dalessandro Agency Inc. in Kentwood, MI to make sure that you and your motorcycle have the insurance coverage that you need.


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