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Michigan Renters insurance coverage

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Renters Insurance in Michigan

Owning a home remains the American dream for many Michigan residents. But renting comes with benefits such as not paying for building maintenance, fear of getting behind on mortgages, and the ability to avoid being stuck in one area for long. Nonetheless, you need to protect yourself financially. Renters insurance from Dalessandro Agency Inc. in Kentwood, MI is the way to go.

What does renters insurance cover?


Although you're renting, you have belongings that you have worked hard to acquire. Can you do without furniture, clothing, electronics and other personal items? Without renters coverage, you're not protected from financial losses should a risk occur.

Additional living expenses

Sometimes an event occurs that renders your apartment uninhabitable. You'll have to find other accommodations while the repairs are being made. Who meets extra costs? With renters insurance, you don't have to worry about that. Dalessandro Agency reimburses you for the additional costs. We believe it's not fair to bear such an unfortunate burden alone.

Personal liability

When an accident occurs in your home, it may cause damages or injuries. Without a policy, you will be responsible for meeting all costs associated with it. Fortunately, renters insurance can save you from all that.

Medical Payments

When you have friends and relatives in your rented space, accidents may occur that need medical treatment. You can take out a policy that covers that too. A renters policy pays for medical bills and possible funeral expenses in extreme cases.

Optional renters insurance coverage includes:

  • Water backup to protect you from losses resulting from backup sewers and drains.
  • Value plus covers high-value items such as antiques, fine art, and jewelry.
  • Theft extension for personal properties stored in watercraft and motor vehicles.
  • Earthquake policy or volcanoes

Are you looking for a renters insurance policy in Michigan? Contact Dalessandro Agency Inc. by calling or visiting our offices in Kentwood, MI to get a quote and have your questions answered.


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