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Michigan Motor Home insurance coverage

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Motor Home Insurance in Michigan

Discovering the Possibilities of Motorhome Insurance

Your motorhome is your gateway to fun times and exploring nature with your family. But you need to have the right insurance in place before you hit the road. At Dalessandro Agency Inc. in Kentwood, MI, our team of agents understand the special protections that the motorhome community needs.

Just like an automobile, motorhomes are required to carry liability insurance. While there are some similarities with auto insurance, there are significant differences. This is because, while a motorhome is a vehicle, it is also considered a temporary residence. Policies rate a motorhome by its size and weight. For example, Class A motorhomes are the biggest and designed for long term use. Camper vans fall into the Class B designation. Most families use a mid-size, more economical, affordable motorhome. These fall into the Class C designation.

Motorhome policies include liability coverage, but they will also cover the replacement value should the motorhome be stolen or totaled in a wreck. Any accessories that are attached to the outside of the motorhome can also be covered. This can include a satellite dish and any awnings. It will also cover personal possessions inside the motorhome. While this means that clothing and personal items are covered, it can also protect sporting and camping equipment. Talk with your agent about how you will be using the motorhome. The frequency that the motorhome is used should also be discussed. This will affect how much coverage you need.

In Michigan, the team at Dalessandro Agency Inc. is ready to help you with motorhome insurance. Call or come by our offices in the Kentwood, MI area to get the coverage you need for your motorhome. We want you to head out into the great outdoors with peace of mind so that you can truly enjoy your adventure.


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