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Michigan Umbrella insurance coverage

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Umbrella Insurance in Michigan

Extended Coverage for Your Standard Insurance Policies

Many homeowners are confused about the value of umbrella insurance policies. Essentially, an umbrella insurance policy goes into effect when the home insurance policy limits are exhausted. While you may consider your home insurance policy to provide adequate levels of coverage, there is a circumstance where an umbrella insurance policy provides valuable financial coverage. Our team of agents at Dalessandro Agency Inc. works with customers throughout the Kentwood, MI area to help them get the coverage they need.

An umbrella insurance policy is an essential financial tool. Consider if someone were injured on your Michigan property. Their medical expenses and legal fees, should they decide to sue you, can quickly exhaust the coverage provided by your homeowner’s policy. It also offers additional coverage for features that represent a higher level of risks, such as pools and trampolines. Home Insurance policies provide coverage during times of disaster. Although, if the level of necessary repairs or reconstruction exceeds what is covered in the policy, the homeowner is responsible for the additional funds. For many, this is not something that most can do. An umbrella insurance policy comes into effect when the home insurance policy caps are met. This provides you with additional coverage.

As a tool that provides asset protection, umbrella insurance plays a significant role. If there is an injury on your property due to your negligence, you are responsible for covering their medical payments. If they decide to sue, you could also be responsible for court costs and legal fees. You may have coverage of $250,000, but you will be responsible for anything over that. An umbrella insurance policy takes care of that additional amount.

Our agents at Dalessandro Agency Inc. can help you decide whether you would benefit from the additional coverage of an umbrella insurance policy. We work with people throughout the Kentwood, MI area. Call or come by our offices to get a better understanding of how an umbrella insurance policy can help you.


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