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4 Areas Covered by Recreational Insurance

If you have a boat, bike, ATV, or snowmobile in Grand Rapids, MI, recreational insurance can be an excellent way to have the best of times when using your toy. If you don’t know what recreational insurance covers, here is a rundown from Dalessandro Agency Inc. on critical areas covered by this coverage. 

4 Areas Covered by Recreational Insurance

Liability protection

Whether you are in the water, off-road, or cruising on the open road, you can cause an accident that results in bodily injury and property damage. Without recreational insurance, you will have to cover liability claims from your pocket. Thankfully, including liability coverage in your recreational insurance means third-party costs are taken care of.

Asset protection

Whether you own a boat or an RV, your toy doesn’t come cheap. It makes sense to protect your asset with insurance like most precious things. Recreational insurance compensates you when your toy is stolen or damaged.

Medical coverage

Suppose you are off-roading with your ATV, only to hit a rock, and your toy rolls over. In such accidents, it is not only your vehicle that suffers damage; you could suffer injuries, too. If you have recreational insurance, it covers your medical costs, including partial loss of wages if you can’t resume your source of income due to injuries.

Uninsured motorist coverage

The chances of being crashed into by an uninsured motorist are high. Regrettably, you are left with uncovered damage and bodily injury costs when you encounter such motorists. One of the ways you can recover such losses is through suing. However, this may be time-consuming and frustrating. The good news is that you don’t have to go through this if you have recreational insurance.

Does recreational insurance appeal to you? If yes, please get in touch with Dalessandro Agency Inc. for affordable coverage. We serve many regions, including Grand Rapids, MI.