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Who should get umbrella insurance?

Umbrella insurance is a type of additional protection for individuals who have assets and incomes that exceed their existing home and auto policy limits. It provides an extra layer of coverage to safeguard against catastrophic losses due to liability claims from accidents or other unforeseen events. At Dalessandro Agency Inc., we specialize in umbrella insurance for people and families in the Grand Rapids, MI area.

Benefits of Umbrella Insurance

This type of insurance is particularly beneficial for those with high-value homes, multiple properties, investments, or businesses as it can help protect these assets from potential litigation due to large awards or settlements.

It’s important to note that everyone should consider getting umbrella insurance regardless of the value of their assets. Even if you are not currently worth a lot, it would be wise to purchase this coverage in case your financial situation changes over time. Additionally, those who are at higher risk for potential lawsuits (such as business owners or those with dangerous hobbies) should also look into this option as it could save them from substantial legal fees down the road. 

Overall, umbrella insurance can be an incredibly valuable asset for anyone looking to protect themselves from financial ruin due to unexpected liability claims. Whether you’re worth a lot now or anticipate being worth more in the future, investing in this supplemental type of coverage could be a wise decision.

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