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Do You Actually Need Recreational Insurance?

Recreational vehicles are a wonderful way to make family vacations in and around Grand Rapids, MI more personal, fun, and spontaneous. However, it’s important to plan ahead to make sure your trips go smoothly, and taking out the right insurance is part of that.

But do you really need recreational insurance, in particular? Here’s what you need to know before contacting your Dalessandro Agency Inc. agent and setting up your next policy.

What Counts as a Recreational Vehicle?

According to Michigan state regulations, a recreational vehicle is any new or used vehicle meant to provide travelers with a place to stay while traveling, camping, or enjoying any similar activity. Of course, RVs and mobile homes are included, but so are towable pop-up campers, trailers, and similar options.

What Are the Benefits of Having Recreational Insurance?

Recreational insurance offers the same basic protections you’d expect from standard auto insurance and similar types of coverage. But it also comes attached with additional benefits that would be especially useful for people who travel with recreational vehicles.

These include various levels of coverage for your belongings, liability coverage that addresses more different possibilities travelers could face, and more.

Do You Really Need Recreational Insurance?

In Grand Rapids, MI, you are required by law to insure vehicles like RVs and mobile homes. But anyone who owns a recreational vehicle of any kind should consider recreational insurance a necessity regardless.

Not only does it protect your investment in your vehicle and in the vacations you plan for your family, but it gives you true peace of mind. That peace of mind comes from knowing you, your family, and your irreplaceable belongings are protected in the event something unforeseen happens while you’re away.

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You never know what could happen while you’re camping, traveling, or otherwise miles from home, but recreational insurance can help keep you safe, come what may. Talk to a Dalessandro Agency Inc. agent about your options today!