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Tips When Shopping For Commercial Insurance in Grand Rapids, MI

If you own a business in Grand Rapids, MI, purchasing business insurance is the easiest and safest strategy of cushioning your business against unforeseen events. Unfortunately, procuring commercial insurance isn’t cut and dry, especially if you haven’t purchased this coverage before. However, whether you know little or nothing about commercial insurance, Dalessandro Agency Inc. shares tips you need to observe when shopping for your business insurance.

Understand the legal requirements 

The first tip when shopping for business insurance is to make sure you meet the minimum legal requirements. For instance, if your business is in Michigan, you are required to purchase commercial auto insurance and workers’ comp insurance as a minimum. 

Compliance with state-required commercial insurance plans saves your business fines and penalties resulting from non-compliance. 

Understand your risks

As a business owner, nobody understands your business as you do. To that end, you are the best person to develop a risk profile for your business. Then, with the help of your insurance agent, you can purchase insurance coverages that protect your business-specific risks.

Know the types of commercial insurance coverages

Commercial insurance is broad. There are many coverages, and you should know those that suit your business needs. If you understand the commercial insurance coverages, it will be easy to choose those that accentuate your nature of business.

Prioritize coverage over cost

While every penny counts, you will blunder if you view commercial insurance as another expense. While it doesn’t come free, commercial insurance saves you significant financial losses in the future when disasters strike. 

It can be tempting to pick the cheapest coverage, but it could cost you big time when calamities occur. As such, you are better off stretching your budget a bit more to accommodate a commercial insurance plan that will save your business in the future. 

Commercial insurance in Grand Rapids, MI

Would you like to learn more tips about shopping for business insurance in Grand Rapids, MI? Please contact Dalessandro Agency Inc. for more information.

Do all recreational vehicle owners need recreational insurance?

The Grand Rapids, MI area continues to provide a lot of great opportunities to have fun at a variety of recreational parks. When you are looking to purchase any type of recreational vehicle, it is always a good idea to have the right insurance in place for it. There continue to be different reasons why the typical person will be required to carry recreational insurance at all times. 

Insurance is Required by Lenders

One situation when you will be required to carry a recreational insurance plan is when you have taken out a loan to purchase your vehicle. Recreational vehicles are important assets that can require a significant upfront purchase. If you have purchased the asset through the use of a loan, you will need to comply with the lender’s requirements. This normally includes requiring you to carry a full insurance plan. 

Insurance is Required to Mitigate Liability Risk

Another reason that you will need to get a recreational insurance plan is so you can mitigate liability risk. There will always be a risk that you could cause an accident and damage when using a recreational vehicle. As you will be responsible to cover damages, having protection against this risk is very important. With recreational insurance, you will have the protection you need to ensure you are covered if you have to pay for any damages. 

If you need to get a new recreational insurance plan, and you are in the Grand Rapids, MI area, it would be a good idea for you to call Dalessandro Agency Inc. There are a lot of great reasons to get recreational insurance, and Dalessandro Agency Inc. can explain all the benefits and options. They can then offer any support you need to choose a new plan. 

Motorcycle Insurance Tips To Remember While Researching Coverage

Dalessandro Agency Inc. is proud to serve the Grand Rapids, MI community. For over 20 years, we have helped our clients find the coverage they need to protect what matters most. We offer multiple types of policies to help our clients manage different risks. We take pride in our status as an independent insurance agency.

Motorcycle Insurance Tips

During long periods of nice weather, many Michigan residents enjoy traveling around the state on their motorcycles. As you ride through Grand Rapids, MI, and other parts of the state, there are multiple hazards to be aware of. That’s why motorcycle insurance is an asset. The policy adds a layer of protection as you travel around. Here are some tips to remember while researching coverage.

Collision Or Comprehensive

Collision coverage protects you if your motorcycle suffers damage due to another vehicle or object. Comprehensive coverage protects you if your motorcycle is stolen or vandalized. Comprehensive coverage also protects you if your motorcycle is damaged due to a natural disaster or physical contact with animals such as a deer. If you ride your motorcycle regularly, you may need more comprehensive coverage compared to if you only ride a few times every year.


Liability coverage is important. Accidents happen. Liability coverage protects you if your motorcycle causes damage to someone or their property. If you plan to ride along with someone, you are also covered if your passenger gets injured. If you operate your motorcycle with relatively high risk, consider adding umbrella coverage for an extra layer of protection

Other Things To Consider

You’ll have to amend your policy if you plan to add custom parts to your motorcycle. This is the only way to ensure that your accessories are fully protected if something happens.

Dalessandro Agency Inc. Will Help You Protect Your Asset

Visit our website today to learn more information about motorcycle insurance.

What You Need to Know About Boat Insurance

Few things compare to taking your friends and family out on the water in your very own boat. Boat ownership provides a way to spend time outdoors while making memories to last a lifetime. The best way to protect these precious things is by making sure your boat is insured properly. At Dalessandro Agency Inc., serving Grand Rapids, MI, we want to help you make solid insurance decisions. Let’s take a look at what you should know about boat insurance.

Is Boat Insurance Necessary?

Although boat insurance is not required to operate a boat or watercraft, it is recommended in all fifty states. Boat insurance is necessary if you want to protect the investment you have made into your boat. You have invested money and maybe even some time. You want to make sure this investment is not lost due to an accident, fire, storm, or theft. 

What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

Boat insurance operates very much like vehicle insurance, with a few differences. In general, a boat insurance policy will cover:

  • Collision/comprehensive– If your boat is lost or damaged because of an accident, fire, natural disaster, or theft, then your insurance policy will help pay for the repair or replacement of your boat. 
  • Liability– Liability is one of the most important types of coverage for boat owners. If someone is injured on your boat or because of your boat, the insurance policy will help pay for any medical bills or legal fees resulting from the incident. Without liability coverage, you will personally be held responsible for these expenses. 

If you would like to learn more about boat insurance or any of our other insurance products, please contact us at Dalessandro Agency Inc, serving Grand Rapids, MI. We will be happy to answer your questions today. 

Is Umbrella Insurance for You?

Most people have insurance coverage to protect their home, auto, RV, boat, or other assets in Michigan. However, even with this coverage, you could suffer financial loss due to liability issues that lead to lawsuits. Umbrella insurance from Dalessandro Agency Inc. in Grand Rapids, MI increases your liability protection to safeguard your assets against any eventuality. If you’re wondering if umbrella coverage is for you, consider the following:

What is Umbrella Coverage?

Umbrella insurance is personal liability coverage that exceeds the liability coverage you currently have through your home, auto, RV, or boat policies. Umbrella policies don’t stand alone – they supplement other liability insurance policies. Umbrella coverage starts where your other liability insurance leaves off, covering damages above and beyond the limits of your other policies.

What’s the Purpose of Umbrella Coverage?  

If you have a substantial amount of assets, you could be at risk of a lawsuit due to an accident on your property or the unintentional injury you cause. An unexpected lawsuit could cut into your savings, investment funds, or even your current and future income, causing financial upheaval in your home. With the extra protection that umbrella insurance offers, you don’t have to worry about unfortunate events leading to financial ruin.  

Do You Need Umbrella Coverage?

Your auto, home, RV, or boat insurance policies are limited in the liability protection they have to offer. If the damages of an auto mishap or home accident exceed the limits of these policies, you may find yourself struggling to cover additional costs. Serious accidents can easily lead to lawsuits, putting even more financial pressure on you to cover legal fees and settlement out of pocket. Umbrella insurance can safeguard you and your family from liability issues that threaten your financial future.

To purchase your umbrella policy, contact Dalessandro Agency Inc., serving residents in Grand Rapids, MI.

The Different Types of Life Insurance

It is wise to make sure your family is financially protected in case you or your spouse die. However, there are various types of life insurance in the market, so it is vital to make sure you choose what is right for you and yours. The following includes various types of life insurance:

Term Life Insurance

This life insurance has an expiration date where it lasts for a certain number of years, but there will be no payout to your family if you or your spouse don’t die before the expiration date. 

Whole Life Insurance (Permanent)

This life insurance lasts for you or your spouse’s whole life and increases cash value as you keep up with the premiums.

Universal Life Insurance

This life insurance policy includes a cash value that goes toward the death benefit and the cash value. You also can change the amounts of the death benefit and premium without obtaining a new policy. 

Variable Life Insurance

With this life insurance, you are guaranteed a fixed death benefit and premiums regardless of the market trends. 

Simplified Issue Life Insurance

With this insurance, it is not required to take a medical exam. However, instant approval or rejection is determined through a few health questions that must be answered on online health questionnaires using data and algorithms for a quick application process. 

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Just about anyone within an eligible age range, usually 40 to 85, can not be rejected and without needing a medical exam.

Group Life Insurance

Employers provide life insurance as part of the workplace benefits. Thus, the company’s workplace as a whole determines the premiums instead of each individually. 

Indexed Universal Life Insurance

According to a stock market index, this life insurance relates its cash value, and thus, a formula determines the gains. 

The different life insurance types mentioned above are common types of life insurance, and there are more important details about these types of life insurance. Other types of life insurance policies are available, including mortgage life insurance, fully underwritten life insurance, credit life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, and joint life insurance.

For more information about life insurance, contact Dalessandro Agency Inc. today. For 25 years now, Dalessandro Agency Inc. has locations in Kentwood, Charlotte, and other areas around Grand Rapids, MI. They have been providing outstanding service to people in Grand Rapids, MI and surrounding areas. Contact them today. 

What auto insurance do I need for my new vehicle

Buying a new car is exciting. Choosing the options you want, the make and model, and of course, the color. You have your financing all lined up, and the only thing left is to get your auto insurance. A new car is unique in many ways, but there are auto insurance requirements that everyone has to meet in Michigan. At Dalessandro Agency Inc. in Grand Rapids, MI, we are your trusted independent insurance agency. We are committed to our community and our clients. 

Michigan is a no-fault state and has been since 1973. You are mandated to carry no-fault overage. If you don’t, you not only won’t be covered for injuries and lost time, you may be fined up to $500 and placed in jail for up to a year or both. Why would you want to risk that?  You will no be able to register your vehicle without proof that you have the required coverage. You need to have no-fault coverage, and additionally, your need residual liability coverage to protect you from the results of the exceptions to no-fault protection. These coverages are for everyone. But as a new car owner, you may have other requirements. 

If you have a car loan, your lender will require that you have collision and comprehensive insurance. These protect the vehicle if you are the at-fault driver. Collision covers damage as the result of a vehicle accident. Comprehensive coverage covers events beyond your control like floods, high winds, hail, vandalism, and theft. Glass coverage is usually included with your comprehensive coverage. 

You may want to consider road-side assistance converge as an add-on to your policy.  

Contact Dalessandro Agency Inc. in Grand Rapids, MI for your auto insurance needs and a no-obligation quote. Let us give you the advantage of our 25 years of experience. 

What protection does commercial insurance offer my small business

Running a small business comes with challenges that can seem overwhelming. Every small business has risks particular to their type of work. Commercial insurance has many different lines, and some of them can help you protect your business. By talking to an insurance professional you can trust, it helps take the stress out of getting the right commercial insurance for your small business. At Dalessandro Agency Inc. in Grand Rapids, MI, we are a locally owned and operated independent agency that has served the area for 25 years. 

Commercial Property Coverage

Commercial property insurance is a valuable coverage whether you own the building your business is in or rent. It covers your business from perils such as natural disasters, theft, and fire. Beyond the physical structure, it provides coverage for the machinery you use to do business. It will replace office machinery, furniture, inventory, and records. If a covered hazard damages your business, you can get back to business sooner with commercial property insurance.  

Commercial Liability Insurance

Commercial liability insurance does what all liability insurance does; it protects you from the result of legal actions against you or the results of an injury. It pays things such as medical bills, lost time, legal bills, and judgments. 

Workers’ Compensation

In the state of Michigan, a private employer must carry workers’ compensation insurance if they have three or more employees at any given time or if they employ one or more workers for 13 or more weeks at 35 hours or more per week. This is actually a good thing and makes it easier to retain employees who know they are protected from job injuries. 

If you have questions about your small business’s commercial insurance at Dalessandro Agency Inc. in Grand Rapids, MI, we have the answers. Please stop by our office or give us a call for a free quote. 

Things that aren’t covered by home insurance

Exclusions are things not covered by home insurance. Chances are you haven’t read your home insurance policy, and who can blame you? It is pages long. But you could be in for a nasty surprise when you file a claim if you don’t know the things that aren’t covered by home insurance. At Dalessandro Agency Inc. in Grand Rapids, MI, we are locally owned and operated and offer our customers our 25 years of experience in the insurance industry. 


Flooding probably causes the most shock when homeowners realize that their home insurance doesn’t cover it. It is a common occurrence in many parts of the country and causes huge amounts of damage. The average home that is involved in a flood suffers nearly $40,000 in damage. The good news is you can get a separate policy to protect you from flood damage. 

Wear and tear

Homes age and require maintenance. Your roof needs to be replaced before it allows water to damage the interior of your house. Your furnace will get older, and so will your air conditioning unit, but your home insurance won’t cover a unit that dies because it is past its useful life. 

Earth movement

Earthquakes are a fact of life in some parts of the United States. For you, this is necessary coverage. You can buy this insurance on a separate policy or endorsement. Other types of earth movement are excluded as well, including landslides and sinkholes. 

Expensive items

Your policy has definite limits on the amount of coverage that you have for expensive items. Jewelry is the most common issue. A large engagement ring probably is higher than your policy limit. Art and antiques are also a problem. 

The best way to avoid being disappointed in your home coverage is to read your policy and talk to your independent insurance agent. At Dalessandro Agency Inc. in Grand Rapids, MI, we are here to answer any questions you may have. Please stop by or give us a call for a free quote. 

Three steps to selecting a recreational insurance policy

Purchasing a recreational insurance policy is essential for both protecting your assets and your finances from liability expenses. We provide recreational insurance to consumers in Grand Rapids, MI at Dalessandro Agency Inc.

If you need recreational insurance, you should go through the following three steps as part of the process of selecting a recreational insurance policy. 

Determine your RV type

When you purchase recreational insurance for your RV, you need to designate which type of RV it is.

There are many different types of vehicles or trailers that are classified as recreational vehicles. These include sport utility RVs, motorhomes, travel trailers, and more. Motorhomes are classified as either Class A, Class B, or Class C motorhomes.

The type of vehicle you’re insuring is an important consideration regarding your policy. That’s why you need to determine and be aware of your RV type as a step in finding the right insurance solution. 

Consider feature options for recreational insurance policies.

There are numerous feature options when it comes to recreational insurance. These include total loss replacement coverage, vacation coverage, emergency expense coverage, and roadside assistance. Be aware of these options and decide which ones you want or need. 

Comparing costs

One essential step in choosing a policy is comparing the costs of various policies available to you. To do this, you can get quotes from different providers out there. 

When comparing costs, you shouldn’t evaluate the cost alone. Choosing the cheapest policy is never a good idea. Instead, you should compare the value provided by each policy. Please make sure you know exactly what types of coverage a policy is offering before deciding on purchasing it or passing it over. 

Get started finding your recreational insurance solution today. We’re standing by to answer all your questions at Dalessandro Agency Inc. Let us help you find your recreational insurance solution in Grand Rapids, MI!