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Boat Insurance Overview

For over 20 years, Dalessandro Agency Inc. has assisted the Grand Rapids, MI community. We have partnered with several carriers throughout the Midwest. This allows us to offer unique policies to our clients. We recognize that each of our clients is in a different stage of their lives. That’s why we provide flexible coverage options.

Boat Insurance Overview

If you’re one of the many Grand Rapids, MI residents who enjoy spending time out by the lake, consider the benefits of boat insurance. Boat insurance offers protection while you’re out on the water. While operating and riding on a boat seems like a calm experience, it’s a relatively high-risk endeavor. One accident can have potentially fatal consequences. Boat insurance covers you if your boat makes contact with another watercraft or an object. You are also covered if your boat accidentally damages someone’s property or injures someone. Liability coverage also protects you if a guest onboard suffers an injury. Boat insurance covers you if you’re operating your boat and get caught in a storm. This gives you peace of mind if your boat suffers damage. All of your personal items on board are covered if something is stolen or vandalized. Remember that you may need to amend your policy if you have high-end equipment on your boat or accessories such as an anchor. This is the only to ensure that you are fully protected if something goes wrong.

Your boat insurance policy will also outline the area where you are allowed to go and still maintain coverage if an issue arises. Once you go outside that designated area, you’ll be left unprotected.

Dalessandro Agency Inc. Will Help You Protect Your Assets

Contact our office to learn more information about boat insurance.

How Does Umbrella Insurance Work?

Umbrella insurance is a different type that works alongside other insurance policies that you have. It gives people better coverage than they have so that they are better protected financially after an accident. This type of coverage works alongside your home and auto policies to expand your coverage. If you need umbrella insurance for your financial protection, call us at Dalessandro Agency Inc. in Grand Rapids, MI. 

Liability Coverage

You can only get umbrella insurance if you already have both home and auto insurance. An umbrella policy adds to the amount of liability coverage that you have in both those policies. Home and auto insurance comes with some liability coverage, but it is generally not very much. If a serious accident occurred, the amount of coverage that you have through home or auto likely won’t pay for all of the medical bills that result from it. 

How Umbrella Works

When there is an accident in your house or your vehicle, you can be held liable for paying the resulting medical bills. First, your home or auto policy assesses the injury bills and pays for them up until it meets their payout ceiling. Once this happens, there may be a lot left over. Umbrella insurance then comes in and takes care of that. And, umbrella coverage comes with very high payout limits. This offers a lot of extra protection for you, but it doesn’t cost much to get. If you were to revisit your home and auto policies and add liability coverage directly to them, this would cost a lot more than an umbrella policy. 

Get Your Umbrella Insurance

If you have a home and an auto policy, you should consider getting an umbrella policy to give you more protection. Call us now at Dalessandro Agency Inc in Grand Rapids, MI.

Is Life Insurance Required in Michigan?

Life insurance is a way to ensure that your family and loved ones are cared for in the event that you pass away, whether unexpectedly or not. 

Many patriarchs decide to invest in life insurance as a way to give themselves peace of mind. If you care for many people, and they rely on you for monetary support, a life insurance policy is essential to ensuring that those people are cared for once you’re gone. 

While some people think life insurance policies are too morbid or unnecessary, the team at Dalessandro Agency Inc. in the Grand Rapids, MI area highly recommends this type of policy for people with families who rely on them. 

There are many things to know when it comes to selecting a life insurance plan, so it’s best to work with an agent who has the experience to help guide you through it. 

Life insurance policies not only ensure that your loved ones receive financial support (in accordance with your wishes) but the money can also be used for funeral expenses, a celebration of life gathering, any medical bills, and other end-of-life costs. Having this money readily available means your family will not be financially stressed at the time of your passing, and they can grieve properly.

It may not be the happiest topic of conversation, but life insurance provides a way for you to have peace of mind that your loved ones are cared for after you’re gone. While it’s certainly not a required insurance plan in Grand Rapids, MI, your family members will be so grateful to know that your wishes were to care for them. 

Looking for the right life insurance plan? Contact Dalessandro Agency Inc. and we’ll get you set up. Visit our website for more information! 

When To Get Recreational Insurance

People in Michigan often own RV models to travel around the state’s various beautiful natural campgrounds. We at Dalessandro Agency Inc. can provide Grand Rapids, MI, and other city residents with the policy that they need. But when should you get RV insurance?

When Your State Requires It 

It might seem obvious to point this fact out here. However, many states do not require you to cover your RV when using it. How about Michigan? Michigan typically has fairly extensive insurance rules, and it does require you to have an insurance policy on your RV. 

If you live outside this state and are reading this, check with your state rules to see if you need protection. In states where you do not need RV insurance, you might be tempted to ignore this coverage. That is not a good idea because a policy can protect you from many issues. 

Why You Probably Need RV Insurance Anyway 

RV insurance keeps your vehicle protected with a few different coverage options. These include elements that feel like a home policy and those that feel like vehicle coverage. After all, an RV is both at times, and it needs protection for liability and damage situations. 

Make sure that you talk with your insurance provider to learn more about how the different classes can affect your policy. For example,l a Class A or Class B vehicle needs a different kind of protection than Class C, as the latter type is towed and does not have a self-propelling mode. 

Help is Available for You

Don’t hesitate to contact us at Dalessandro Agency Inc. if your Grand Rapids, MI RV needs protection. Our team will work with you to ensure that you get the proper level of protection for your needs. Just talk to us today to learn more.

Why Is Motorcycle Liability Coverage Important?

If you own a motorcycle, you probably know that you need insurance. You may not necessarily pay much attention to the types of insurance you are required to have, however. Liability insurance is often overlooked, but there are a few reasons to make sure you have great liability coverage for your bike.

Those who live in Grand Rapids, MI can rely on Dalessandro Agency Inc. for information about motorcycle liability coverage. Here’s what you need to know about motorcycle liability coverage.

Motorcycle Liability Policies Cover Injuries You Cause

While a motorcycle rider is more likely to become injured than to injure somebody else, it is still possible that you could cause some injury to somebody else. For instance, you might not realize that somebody has stepped into a crosswalk, and they are hit by your bike. They may have broken bones, which insurance may provide some coverage for if you are determined to be the at-fault party.

Motorcycle Liability Policies Cover Damage You Cause

Liability coverage for motorcycle riders also covers damage to property. For instance, you might accidentally drive into a fence on private property, causing serious damage. Your insurance may cover damage to the fence so that the property owner is able to recover their expenses.

Motorcycle Liability Policies Prevent a Serious Lawsuit

Finally, you should have adequate liability coverage to ensure that you are not the target of a lawsuit. Your coverage can take care of expenses, so you are not left to pick up the tab.

Speak With an Insurance Agent

Are you ready to take charge of your liability coverage? Contact Dalessandro Agency Inc., which serves Grand Rapids, MI, to learn more about your motorcycle coverage options.

Boat Insurance in Michigan

Grand Rapids, MI is situated on the banks of the Grand River and is a mere 30 miles from Lake Michigan, making it a wonderful playground for boat and watercraft enthusiasts. Along with owning boats and watercraft comes the necessity of boat insurance to protect your valuable assets. Speak to Dalessandro Agency Inc. about your boat insurance options.

A boat or watercraft can be covered to a certain extent by a homeowners policy. Still, it may affect the premium of your homeowner’s policy, and it may be more practical and affordable to purchase separate boat insurance. There are two main sections in a boat insurance policy.

Physical Damage Cover

This aspect of boat insurance covers the accidental loss or damage to your boat, including the hull and the equipment used to operate the vessel. Any payouts and premiums are affected by the age and size of the watercraft. Remember that depreciation is a factor unless you purchase an Agreed Value Policy for insuring the watercraft for the value it was at the time of the writing of the policy. This type of policy is pricier than one that takes depreciation into account.

Check the policy wording on physical damage resulting from theft and vandalism as boats are sometimes moored away from your personal property, opening you up to further risk.

Liability Cover

This vital part of your boat insurance policy covers injuries to people and damage to property for which you are responsible. Liability insurance for third parties will have safety requirements that need to be adhered to, to payout.

Lastly, boats are not always used year-round, especially in Grand Rapids, MI, so be sure to check policy wording on storage and transportation and ask about additional available coverage options. Speak to Dalessandro Agency Inc. today!

Three unique things about umbrella insurance you should know

Your insurance company in Grand Rapids, MI, may probably have suggested that you get umbrella insurance on top of your home and auto policies.  The policy might be quite confusing if you don’t know how it works, and that’s why Dalessandro Agency Inc. recommends learning more about the policy before making any purchase. Here are the top 3 unique things about umbrella insurance.

Liability and more liability

Umbrella insurance is all about liability coverage. Our litigious environment puts all of us at risk of getting sued every time because of accidents, including dog bites, malicious statements, threats, and wrong or misleading information. The sad part is that it doesn’t matter if it was accidental or not. Umbrella insurance is designed to add extra liability to what you already have in your home and auto policies. Lawsuits can be expensive to cover. There is a high probability that your home insurance or car insurance may not be adequate to cover all expenses, and that’s where umbrella insurance comes in.

It covers everyone in your family, including pets

While an umbrella policy is a type of personal liability policy, it protects your family members too. If you or a member of your family caused an injury or property damage to other people, your umbrella insurance can come in to cover the remaining amount if any of your primary policies are rendered inadequate.

Everyone needs it

Never say never. Everyone is at risk of getting sued or held liable for any accident they or their family members caused. Whether you’re a parent, asset owner, homeowner, or wealthy individual in Grand Rapids, MI, you will greatly benefit from umbrella insurance, especially if you have limited liability coverage in your primary policies.

Don’t wait till you gather your wealth to buy umbrella insurance; you might end up losing it all. Let Dalessandro Agency Inc. help you find a policy that matches your needs. Call us today!

Can You Get Michigan Life Insurance With Pre-Existing Conditions?

The short answer to this question is, yes. If you have a pre-existing condition, you can almost always get life insurance.

When you are looking for life insurance, you will undergo an application process that will determine your eligibility for life insurance. That process will determine what life insurance product you are eligible for, and what you need to do in order to get it.

At Dalessandro Agency Inc., we want Grand Rapids, MI residents to feel secure about their life insurance choices. We can help you get the life insurance you need, even if you have a pre-existing condition.

How to Get Life Insurance

When you apply for life insurance, the life insurance company will collect the following information:

• Current health
• Health history
• Family history
• Lifestyle factors (i.e. smoking/non-smoking)

From there, your provider will determine what kind of life insurance you qualify for, and how much it will cost.

It is important, to be honest when you are looking for life insurance. In the end, what your answers are may not preclude you from life insurance, unless they are not accurate.
When You Have a Pre-Existing Condition

In your life insurance application, you will tell your provider what your health history is, and what your pre-existing condition might be. They will then use that information with their policy underwriters to determine what life insurance you qualify for. You won’t always be automatically disqualified.

From there, you will probably undergo the medical, which happens in most life insurance applications. That involves a nurse coming to your home, taking blood, urine, and vitals, and delivering that to the insurance company.

If there is any impact to your life insurance policy from your pre-existing condition, it is likely going to be your premium costs. Pre-existing conditions will likely impact your premiums, but you will probably still be able to get it.

Get a Quote

When you have a pre-existing condition and want life insurance in Grand Rapids, MI, call Dalessandro Agency Inc. for a quote. We’ll work hard to get you covered, even with a pre-existing condition.

Benefits of Auto Insurance

Did you just buy a new car? Have you recently relocated to the Grand Rapids, MI area? Are you interested in upgrading your auto insurance policy? Then you’ve come to the right place! Whether you want to purchase a new auto insurance plan or upgrade an existing one, the friendly and knowledgeable agents at Dalessandro Agency Inc. in Grand Rapids, MI are here to help with all your auto insurance needs! Call or stop by today to get started!

In the meantime, here’s info about how auto insurance can help you!

Most states require drivers to have some form of insurance coverage, or, at the very least, be able to provide proof that they can afford to pay for damages if they are at fault in an accident. In Michigan, it’s mandatory for all drivers to carry a minimum of No-Fault auto insurance, a.k.a. personal injury protection (PIP). This policy protects you and any passengers in your vehicle if you’re involved in an accident, regardless of whom is at fault. Under Michigan’s No-Fault policy, an auto insurance company assumes responsibility for your medical bills and any lost wages if you’re involved in an accident.

Many Michigan drivers invest in extra coverage to cover costs not included under the state’s No-Fault policy. This includes liability, collision, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. If you lease a car, it’s likely that you’ll be required to purchase additional coverage, such as collision coverage and/or comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage is beneficial for all drivers because it encompasses damages not caused by accidents, such as theft. 

Let’s face it – accidents happen. Don’t wait until the damage is done. Get the protection and peace of mind you deserve with the help of Dalessandro Agency Inc. in Grand Rapids, MI!

Tips When Shopping For Commercial Insurance in Grand Rapids, MI

If you own a business in Grand Rapids, MI, purchasing business insurance is the easiest and safest strategy of cushioning your business against unforeseen events. Unfortunately, procuring commercial insurance isn’t cut and dry, especially if you haven’t purchased this coverage before. However, whether you know little or nothing about commercial insurance, Dalessandro Agency Inc. shares tips you need to observe when shopping for your business insurance.

Understand the legal requirements 

The first tip when shopping for business insurance is to make sure you meet the minimum legal requirements. For instance, if your business is in Michigan, you are required to purchase commercial auto insurance and workers’ comp insurance as a minimum. 

Compliance with state-required commercial insurance plans saves your business fines and penalties resulting from non-compliance. 

Understand your risks

As a business owner, nobody understands your business as you do. To that end, you are the best person to develop a risk profile for your business. Then, with the help of your insurance agent, you can purchase insurance coverages that protect your business-specific risks.

Know the types of commercial insurance coverages

Commercial insurance is broad. There are many coverages, and you should know those that suit your business needs. If you understand the commercial insurance coverages, it will be easy to choose those that accentuate your nature of business.

Prioritize coverage over cost

While every penny counts, you will blunder if you view commercial insurance as another expense. While it doesn’t come free, commercial insurance saves you significant financial losses in the future when disasters strike. 

It can be tempting to pick the cheapest coverage, but it could cost you big time when calamities occur. As such, you are better off stretching your budget a bit more to accommodate a commercial insurance plan that will save your business in the future. 

Commercial insurance in Grand Rapids, MI

Would you like to learn more tips about shopping for business insurance in Grand Rapids, MI? Please contact Dalessandro Agency Inc. for more information.