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Annual Policy Reviews for Your Recreational Insurance Policy

The many natural recreational areas near Grand Rapids, MI, make it a popular area, and those who reside here often own a few types of recreational equipment, such as boats, jet skis, snowmobiles, etc. At Dalessandro Agency Inc., we want to explain why your recreational policy needs an annual review.

Covering New Recreational Toys

Owners of recreational vehicles and watercraft frequently purchase more equipment. An annual policy review helps the policy owner discover when they need to add a new purchase, such as an ATV or jet ski, so it also receives coverage. Any insurance policy covers only what the policyholder owned when they purchased it unless they specifically added a new item to it.

That means the recreational policy purchased to cover a jet ski bought in 2020 only covers it. When the owner buys another jet ski in 2023, the existing policy does not automatically cover it. The policy owner must contact their insurance agent to add the second jet ski.

Annual Reviews Uncover Coverage Holes

When you consult with your insurance agent about your recreational toys, you may discover that your policy can cover many types of vehicles. A recreational policy can cover watercraft, snowmobiles, and land vehicles, such as dune buggies, all on the same policy. You only need to add scheduled coverage for each. That means you specifically list the item in the policy and state its value.

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