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What Additional Coverages Might a Motorcycle Policy Offer?

Michigan requires all motorcyclists to carry liability insurance. So, if your motorcycle is in an accident, this coverage pays medical expenses for bodily injury to others not on your motorcycle.

It also pays for property damage to someone else’s property. But at the Dalessandro Agency Inc., where we serve Grand Rapids, MI, we point out that this minimum coverage may not be enough to protect you or your passengers. For this reason, it’s wise for motorcyclists to get optional motorcycle insurance coverage.

Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

Collision insurance is one type. It pays up to the policy limits if your bike sustains damage by colliding with something.

Comprehensive insurance pays for damages that result when you are not in a collision. These include theft, vandalism, windshield and glass mishaps, fire, accidents involving animals, and weather.

Coverage for Medical Bills

A medical benefits endorsement pays the medical bills of you or your passenger if you are injured in an accident where no other coverage is available. Personal Injury Protection (PIP) may be available too.

It is more comprehensive than medical benefits. It covers medical expenses and may help to make up for some lost wages if you cannot work, rehabilitation, and more.

Personal belongings insurance pays if the objects you carry with you as you ride are lost, stolen, or damaged. These may include cell phones, tools, and motorcycle accessories. Roadside assistance pays when your motorcycle has to be towed in for repair. It may also pay your hotel bill.

If you have a new motorcycle and want total value replacement without depreciation if it is ever stolen or totaled, we can search for you. The Dalessandro Agency Inc. serves Grand Rapids, MI, and we are ready to service all your motorcycle insurance needs. Contact Dalessandro Agency Inc. today.